Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ready, Set, Cook!

So, I am pretty much obsessed with The Next Food Network Star and Top Chef and I’ve got Gian Luca hooked on them as well. The other night, as we were watching Top Chef, he suggested that we have our own top chef competition. I agreed.

We set some rules: he would make the appetizer and pasta while I would be in charge of entrée and dessert. We would each get 10 dollars to spend and once we got to the grocery store, only ten minutes to shop. Anything that is currently in the house is fair to use.

To make it fun, I suggested that we also make some foods off limits. I banned him from using onions in the appetizer or butter in the pasta (he always makes pasta with butter and sage so I wanted to throw off his game).

He came back hard. Garlic was off limits for my entrée, cinnamon for dessert. Living without cinnamon is easy, but no garlic? Come on! I really needed to be creative for this one.

This morning, at the grocery store I blew my entire budget on two items: fresh salmon and puff pastry, but still I’m sure that I’ll pull it through. Now, with only fifteen minutes till go time, I’ll plan my menu out for you.

For the entrée I’ll make grilled salmon on a white bean and cauliflower cake, topped with artichoke sauce. Dessert will be less complicated: Ice Cream Napoleons with Nutella and Strawberries.

Gian Luca’s dishes are way more involved. He’s making stuffed, fried olives for an appetizer and homemade potato gnocchi with a fresh tomato and gorgonzola sauce. Yum!

I’ll let you know who is Top Chef!

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