Friday, July 17, 2009

A Cold Day in July

I know by January I will be eating my words, but I must say: I love a cold day once in a while, especially when it is unexpected. Today Minneapolis reached 60 degrees as its high, the sky is cloudy and it currently looks like it will rain. I love this weather.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a summer girl through and through. I love lying on the beach in the hot sun, barbeques, wearing flip flops and eating ice cream on cool evenings. But every once in a while I like a change of pace, so today at work I declared: “This is my favorite type of weather!” Not exactly true but I’ve been known to exaggerate.

One of the reasons why I’m loving the cool weather is that I get to turn on the oven without overheating our tiny apartment. So among other things, tonight we’ll be having roasted potatoes.

These potatoes were a favorite of just about every one of my mom’s regular take-out customers. Everyday my mom would make four types of vegetables, three pasta dishes and seven entrees for the tavola calda. At 3 pm, after the lunch rush, she’d set up the display on steam tables. Customers could come in to get a quick dinner until eight pm, but the dishes sold out so fast that the regular customers began calling ahead. Even though my mom tried to make new things everyday the demand for these roasted potatoes was so high that they remained a staple.

Today, in our kitchen, the demand for potatoes is equally as high. Gian Luca could eat them every night. And if the weather is right, I’m happy to make them.

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