Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Better Than Fish Sticks

I have a confession: Gian Luca and I love frozen fish sticks. Yes, the over-processed, kid friendly, little treats that we were probably forced to eat as children are among our favorite indulgences. But, since I refuse to buy them, I had to create an alternative that was just as easy and tasty (though not as portable).

Fresh fish is sometimes expensive, and, since fish sticks are generally quite cheap, I decided to use frozen fish for this dish. Any frozen white fish will do, but I used Whiting for its ability to absorb the different flavors.

I must confess again: this creation is not exactly totally my own. Often, when I can’t think of what to make for dinner, I pick up the phone and call my mom. She gave me this idea and the first time I made this, she coached me through, giving me the recipe as only she can, not by measurements of exact proportions, but by feel. “Throw in this. Sprinkle on that,” she said as I balanced the phone on my shoulder trying to shake on salt, sprinkle in pepper and squeeze lemon all at the same time.

But, slowly, I’m getting the hang of it and last night I made this all on my own. It was easy, really, and almost as fast as fish sticks.

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