Friday, June 26, 2009


As I said yesterday, marinara sauce can really add kick to any dish. Last night, after indulging in a bowl of plain marinara by the stove, I figured I better make something substantial for my husband, Gian Luca. We were lucky enough to have visited my family in NJ on Tuesday and Wednesday (we actually had an immigration interview for Gian Luca and it went amazingly well!). My mother can never let anyone leave the house without food so, as a result, we brought back an entire bag full of goodies: ten pounds of veal cutlets, a gallon of olive oil, two Ziplock bags of dried porcini mushrooms, a bag of salted olives and a generous chunk of grano padano cheese. My mom even slipped in dinner for Wednesday night, and when we came home, exhausted and hungry, we opened the plastic container full of grilled chicken and sauteed broccolini and devoured it.

Since we had all the ingredients, I decided to play around with veal. The final result was a new recipe which I aptly named “Vitello Tre Fungi”, or “Three Mushroom Veal”, which refers to the crimini, shitake, and porcini mushrooms in the dish. A ladle full of marinara and a few tablespoons of heavy cream made this dish magnificent.

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