Thursday, January 13, 2011

a procrastinator at heart

On December 31st I made a bunch of resolutions.
In 2011 I would:
1- Go on a diet
2- Join the gym
3- Blog regularly ( about what, I don't know, since I'd be dieting)

You get the point.
And here it is, January 13th and I've done none of these. Should I blame the cold weather? The fact that we were traveling for the Holidays? Or should I just chalk it up to the fact that some habits can't be broken.

Like procrastination, for instance.
I'm the number one culprit. In college and grad school a paper couldn't be written unless it was due the next day ( thank God for coffee). And even as a teacher, I would put off grading until the students started nagging me about their tests.
Then there's the house work, which I always promise to start right after this show...
And of course I'll finish this book, right after I clean the house.
You know the drill.
Yep, I'm the queen of procrastination.
I guess I should do something about that.
But first let me finish this blog post.....

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