Monday, March 7, 2011

March is Madness

Hello lovelies!
I signed on this morning and felt the need to apologize for my month long unintentional hiatus. I meant to post more in February- it was actually written in on my planner each week, but like many things that month, I put blogging on the back burner.
So what have I been doing?
Mostly I've been grading and lesson planning- I actually forgot how time consuming teaching can be. Really, hats off to all you veteran teachers out there. I don't know how you do it year after year. It's only been half a semester and I'm ready to throw out my red pen and call it a day.

I've also been obsessively checking email lately ( which also takes time away from grading and, therefor blogging; its a vicious cycle of procrastination). The reason for my new behavior is that I have currently have five agents reading my book, and I'm waiting to hear what they all think. I'm an emotional eater, so, needless to say, I've been doing a lot of mindless snacking. Right now there's a jar of almonds sitting next to me which I keep reaching into.

It's sort of a good thing that I've been snacking lately because I actually haven't been cooking all that much. That's what working 4 nights a week will do to you. But don't worry, next week is spring break and I plan to spend most of it in the kitchen and at this computer.

Until then...


  1. Happy almost spring break then...

  2. Keep on trucking on the teaching front—I can't imagine how hard it is, but how great to be making a difference. I wish I could say that about my job. :)