Monday, January 4, 2010

An Epiphany

Hello again! I know I've been away for what feels like forever.
Our Holidays were delicious and I'm not just talking about all the food that we consumed.
Gian Luca and I went to New Jersey to stay with my family and his parents flew in from Italy to be with us too. All of us together made for some great meals, laughs and many many hugs, but no time to blog- so sorry!
And even today, I don't have a recipe for you all, just a little posting about my day and my big epiphany for the new year.
Remember those books- Don't Sweat the Small Stuff ? Someone gave me one for a graduation present when I finished high school and I absolutely hated it. It actually got me mad because the accumulation of all the small stuff can lead to a big meltdown.
You know the story- we've all had bad days- days that just start off bad and progressively get worse little by little. Well today was like that for me, because this morning I woke up late, scalded the milk for my coffee, and then, got into my car and puff- the radiator blew out. After more than a few tears, I spent most of the day waiting for my car to be fixed and then reluctantly paid the hefty bill.

But as I was waiting for my car I spent some time thinking and I came to realize that yes, life is made up of the small stuff, but that is the beauty of life. Small things ( like scalding your milk) can annoy us, but other small things ( like the fact that your husband made you coffee) can cheer us right up. So today I made a New Year's Resolution: to focus on the beautiful small things in my life.And once I started looking around, I saw that my world is full of them. And even this morning, as I was crying about the car, I saw these tiny porcelain measuring spoons that Gian Luca bought me for the Feast of the Epiphany. They are so darling that, even in the midst of tears, I had to smile.

So I have to ask- what are the little things that make you happy?


  1. This is a lovely blog with sweet thoughts to ponder. Gian Luca is thoughtful to have presented you with those adorable measuring spoons.

  2. I have been thinking of epiphany all day - isn't it odd that sometimes your "epiphany" comes when it is right? Not just on a designated day. Those measuring spoons are the sweetest I've ever seen.

  3. ciao Antonietta...
    ricorda sempre...
    di sorridere perchè più triste
    di un sorriso triste c'è
    la tristezza di non saper sorridere...
    so che a volte è difficile... capita spesso anche a me... ma bisogna provarci sempre...^_^
    buona Epifania

  4. My day yesterday was full of little things that brought me some splendid moments of joy- the way a heavy square tea cup felt so perfect in my hand, the scoop of amazingly creamy and comforting mac and cheese that I had, topped with curried! roasted! cauliflower! that was SO delicious it immediately made me sigh. Then the tea shop I was working in became overwhelmingly noisy just as my laptop battery gave out.

    Later that night, my husband told me that I looked very peaceful. I told him that I need to have more days like that, days where I notice and stop to appreciate those little moments, the ones that can pass us by too quickly if we don't give them their due. So that's one goal for 2010. Among many others.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Linda- Happy New Year! Yes, Gian Luca is so sweet to have bought me those. I saw them in Anthropologie but didn't buy them that night, and he went back to get them!

    Hi Claudia- It's true, sometimes we have Epiphanies at the strangest moments.

    Anna- Grazie per il tuo commento- e` carinissima.

    Kate- Thanks for this! I am looking at the little things now too and it is amazing how much we can notice in a single day.
    That curried roasted cauliflower sounds amazing! Would you share the recipe?

  6. I love, love, love those spoons! They would make me happy so many times;).

    Little ceramic things: I am buying piece by piece, tiny little bowls from Italian cities. Tiny little salt bowls, with painted on olives, lemons, pictures of Tuscany, flowers... no two alike, yet more useful than a postcard;). Which are nice, too.

    Happy New year with all the little blessings to come!