Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Hole in My Umbrella

It's been raining in Minneapolis for two days and as I walked home from work this afternoon a steady drip tapped me on the head despite the fact that I had an umbrella. By the time I arrived at my house the bottoms of my jeans were soaked, my shoulders only slightly less so.
But I had big plans for dinner.
I stopped by the farmers' market on my way home and bought four Japanese eggplants and six ruby red beets. Inspired by two fabulous bloggers who wrote about beets this week, I wanted to roast mine in the oven and eventually toss them with mixed greens in oil and balsamic vinegar. Since the oven would already be on, I planned to stuff the eggplant with ground turkey meatballs and bake them until golden. Nothing would be better on a damp night.
Things don't always go as planned.
Instead, I pulled the beets too early and they are hard and taste like dirt ( probably because I didn't scrub long enough) and Gian Luca and I are both mildly scared that we will wake up with food poisoning from the slightly undercooked turkey ( after an hour of baking you'd think it would be cooked).
Walking home rain-soaked I should have planned a different menu; one that involves dialing a number and letting someone else do the work.
But oh well. There is always tomorrow to try again. I'm hopeful, even if there is rain in the forecast.


  1. sounds like a typical meal that i try to prepare.........

  2. haha. that is not true! You make homemade ravioli!!

  3. Oh gosh, they were hard and tasted like dirt!? That's awful! I am so sorry!

  4. Oh it was my fault! I tried cooking them a different way and didn't cook them long enough. I am still a beet fan though. I'll just leave the cooking up to someone else!